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Quilt Appraisals are held at all AQS QuiltWeek events. AQS Certified Quilt Appraisers will appraise new or antique quilts for insurance replacement or fair market value. No appointment is necessary, but you can call Jessica Thompson, 270-898-7903, ext. 234 or email jessica.thompson@americanquilter.com to schedule a day and time.

You can find the dates and times for quilt appraisals for each AQS QuiltWeek event as they become available. Click on your preferred city under the Locations tab, scroll down to the “Additional Information” section, and click on “Quilt Appraisals.”

Appraisal fee: $75 per quilt, payable at the AQS Information Center, or with contest registration.


The AQS Quilt Appraisal Certification Program tests and certifies applicants through a well-rounded program of training, certification, and referral. Although preliminary appraisal skills are acquired through experience and field knowledge of quilt styles, trends, and fabrics, the completion of appraisal certification assures a trusted level of competency when assigning sale, insurance, and donation values to quilts or quilt-related textiles.

For more information on the program and how to become a certified appraiser, Click Here.

To find an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser in your area, Click Here.

For more appraisal information, contact:
Jessica Thompson
Registration Coordinator
270-898-7903 x 234

E-mail Jessica