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AQS QuiltWeek – Virginia Beach 2018 Supply List

AQS QuiltWeek – Virginia Beach 2018 Supply List

Class#, Title – Instructor

#68509, A Bevy of Beautiful Bindings – Linda Thielfoldt

#67510, Autumn Stripe Table Runner: Angled Cuts and Quick Piecing – Cindy Grisdela

#66503, Basic Hand Sashiko: Getting Started – Carol Ziogas

#66502, Boro Sashiko: Relax and Hand Stitch With Friends – Carol Ziogas

#67515, Brooklyn Blues: Piecing New York Beauties – Linda J. Hahn & Precutting Instructions

#63501, Clarabelle Appliquéd Art Quilt: How’re Moo? – Linda Thielfoldt

#67107, Constellation Quilt: Fun With Star Blocks – Judi Kirk

#65105, Create an Art Quilt… by Fusing! – Lenore Crawford

#65101, Creating Mini Blended Fabric Collages – Lenore Crawford

#68501, Doodle Quilting: Learn New Quilting Patterns – Judi Kirk

#67506, Fearless Curved Piecing: No Pins and No Templates – Cindy Grisdela

#67109, Feelin’ Crabby: Make One-Pin New York Beauties – Linda J. Hahn & Precutting Instructions

#68510, Free-Motion Quilting With Style – Cindy Grisdela

#67108, Glorified Nine Patch With a Twist: Conquering Tradition – Toby Lischko

#67503, Happy Hour Quilt: Fun With Foundation Piecing – Linda J. Hahn & Precutting Instructions

#67113, Hexagons by Machine – Judi Kirk

#67516, Hourglass Quilt: Sew Simple Curves – Toby Lischko

#67114, Improv Log Cabin Quilt: Learn a Dozen Ways to Create Log Cabin Blocks – Heather Kojan

#67502, Junkanoo Jems: Use Your Stash – Linda J. Hahn & Precutting Instructions

#68503, Less-Stress Feathers – Jodi Robinson

#68504, Line Quilting With a Few Twists – Jodi Robinson

#65507, Little Bird: Painting on Fabric – Linda M. Poole

#68107, Longarm Quilting 101 – Jodi Robinson

#65102, Mermaid: Painting With Ink Pencils and More – Linda M. Poole

#67511, Milan: Using Border Stripes in Your Blocks – Toby Lischko

#65506, Monarch Butterfly: Painting With Ink Pencils and Pigments – Linda M. Poole

#65103, Myra’s Window Boxes: “Paint” With Floral Prints – Lenore Crawford

#69551, Off the Edge Purs-a-nality: Create A Quilted Tote Using Selvage – Linda Thielfoldt

#63102, “On My Way to Baltimore” Quilt: A Taste of Baltimore Album – Linda Thielfoldt & Precutting Instructions

#67105, Pineapple Squared: A Modern Take on a Traditional Block – Heather Kojan

#68508, Quilted in a Flash! Walking-Foot Quilting on Your Home Machine – Judi Kirk

#68502, Quilting With Templates on Your Home Sewing Machine – Stephanie Farrell

#66101, Sashiko Sampler: Learn Three New Hand Stitches – Carol Ziogas

#67112, Silly Goose: Piece Perfect Triangles and Squares – Linda J. Hahn & Precutting Instructions

#68506, Simplicity Explained! Learn Freehand Designs – Jodi Robinson

#67501, St. Louis Star: Piece an Eight-Point Beauty – Toby Lischko

#67104, Starlight Quilt: Painless Paper Piecing – Linda Thielfoldt

#68511, Stencil Magic: Longarm Quilting With Stencils – Jodi Robinson

#68505, Tilework for Fills, Borders, and Blocks – Jodi Robinson

#65104, Under the Sea: Fun With Wholecloth Painting – Linda M. Poole

AQS QuiltWeek – Fall Paducah 2018 Supply List

AQS QuiltWeek – Fall Paducah 2018 Supply List

Class#, Title – Instructor

#56504, 3-D Thread Embellishments – Kathy McNeil

#55113, Afghan Girl: Portraits in Fabric – Leni Weiner

#53504, Appliqué the Easy Way – Kathy McNeil

#57515, Art Panel Improvisation: Build a Quilt Around a Panel – Leslie Edwards

#53505, Bee-utiful Hand Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#58515, Big-Stitch Hand Quilting – Sarah Fielke

#58507, Binding Made Easy: Your New Go-To Technique (First Offering) – Judy Hansen

#58520, Binding Made Easy: Your New Go-To Technique (Second Offering) – Judy Hansen

#58527, Binding Made Easy: Your New Go-To Technique (Third Offering) – Judy Hansen

#57522, Bite-Sized Gems: Piecing Color and Light – MJ Kinman

#57116, Blooming Feathered Star: Piecing Perfect Triangles – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#57115, Blue Moon: Design-as-You-Go With Easy Curves – Karla Alexander & Precutting Instructions

#59510, Bowlies: Fun Fabric Bowls Using Scraps – Karla Alexander

#57523, Cartwheels: Intro to Paper Piecing – Jessica VanDenburgh

#57501, Chip Out of Every Block: Creating Quilts of Illusion – Karen Combs

#53101, Circles Squared: Machine Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#59151, Clothes to Quilts: Create a Quilt Top From Clothing – Luke Haynes

#57519, Compass Rose: Traditional Blocks Without the Stress – Karla Alexander & Precutting Instructions

#55504, Coneflower Quilt: Fuse Flowers in Paint-by-Number Style – Melinda Bula

#57507, Create Your Own Fabric… by Piecing! – Leslie Edwards

#53512, Decorative Hand Stitching With Wool Appliqué – Vicki McCarty

#53506, Easy Needleturn Appliqué – Sarah Fielke

#56502, Embellish Your Wool Project! – Vicki McCarty

#58505, Essential Tools of the Longarm Trade – Gina Perkes-Tidwell

#55503, Fabulous and Fusible Flowers: Sunflower Quilt – Melinda Bula

#55107, Fabulous Fusible Flowers: Hibiscus – Melinda Bula

#58524, Fantabulous Feathers and Fills – Gina Perkes-Tidwell

#53511, Fiesta Mexico, Block 3: Hand Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#55514, Find Your Creative Genius: Learn to Design Unique Blocks and Patterns – Carla Klop

#57503, Foundation Paper Piecing – Sarah Fielke

#57521, Foundation Piecing: Leave the Foundations In! – Gina Perkes-Tidwell

#58513, Free-Motion Fun for Beginners – Judy Hansen

#55511, From Flower Photo to Finished Quilt (Lecture/Demo) – Melinda Bula

#59103, From iPad to Journal Quilt: Taking Tech to the Sewing Machine – Susie Monday

#58110, Fundamentals of Longarm Quilting – Gina Perkes-Tidwell

#58516, Glorious Grids With Fillers – Gina Perkes-Tidwell

#57511, Granny’s Big-Block Stars: Piecing a Traditional Beauty – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#57517, Half-Square Twisted Triangles: Use Your Precuts! – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#53507, Hand and Machine Appliqué the Karen Kay Buckley Way (Lecture/Demo) – Karen Kay Buckley

#53513, Hand Appliqué With Paper and Fabric – Margarita Korioth

#53103, Heart to Heart: Machine Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#57520, Hop, Skip, and Jump: Cut and Sew as You Go – Karla Alexander

#56503, Hug Stitch: Embellish by Hand – Margarita Korioth

#57108, Ice Crystals: Create a 3D Quilt – Karen Combs

#55110, Ice Dyeing: Fabric and Scarf Play Day – Cynthia Wismann

#57110, Improvisational Lettering: Piecing Words Without the Fuss – Sarah Fielke

#58511, In the Beginning: Free-Motion Quilting – Jane Hauprich

#55512, Introduction to Paints, Inks, and Foil – Kathy McNeil

#59501, iPad Drawing and Painting for Quilts – Susie Monday

#57114, Let Me Surprise You! Mystery Quilt – Charlotte Angotti

#56501, Lil’ Bloomer Girl: Making the Most of […]

Lancaster Supply List

AQS QuiltWeek – Lancaster 2018 Supply List

Class#, Title – Instructor

#23506, Aunt Lizzy’s Parlor – Use Your Machine’s Decorative Stitches – Vicki McCarty

#27506, Batik Magic – Quick and Easy Piecing – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#23507, Beginning Machine Appliqué – Felicia Brenoe

#28103, Beginning Machine Quilting – Cindy Needham

#27101, Blooming Feathered Star – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#23501, Boro-Style Appliqué – Kathy Doughty

#28504, Brilliant Blocks, Bold Borders, and Stunning Sashings – Sue Patten

#23101, Butterfly Forest Appliqué – Felicia Brenoe

#23505, Calico Rose with Wool Appliqué – Vicki McCarty

#27503, Color Splash – Strip Piecing with Curves – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#27102, Color Works – Piecing Large-Scale Prints – Kathy Doughty

#23104, Cozy Village: Learn Successful Raw-Edge Appliqué – Felicia Brenoe

#25502, Design-a-Rama with Cindy Needham – Cindy Needham

#29101, Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Beyond Basics – Barb Vlack

#29503, Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Poster Quilts! – Barb Vlack

#29501, Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8): Fun with Photos – Barb Vlack

#29102, Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8): Let’s Start at the Very Beginning – Barb Vlack

#29502, Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8): Quick Start – Barb Vlack

#27504, Exquisite Log Cabin Quilts – Felicia Brenoe

#28505, Feather Alternatives – Sue Patten

#28506, Finish Those Projects First! – Quilting on a Home Machine – Mary Smallegan

#27509, Fun with Braids – Create a “Goof-Proof” Braided Tablerunner – Kate Colleran

#27502, Fun with Leftovers! – Sew a Funky Tablerunner – Kate Colleran

#27511, Granny’s Big Block Stars: Piecing a Traditional Beauty – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#28102, Heirloom Feathers and Backgrounds on a Home Machine – Cindy Needham

#23102, Jamestown House Wool Appliqué – Becky Goldsmith

#28503, Machine Quilting on Your Home Machine (First Offering) – Mary Smallegan

#28509, Machine Quilting on Your Home Machine (Second Offering) – Mary Smallegan

#28501, Mastering the Art of Ruler Work – Sue Patten

#27104, Modern Wedge – Use Your Stash! – Kathy Doughty

#28104, Open Thread Bar – How to Use Any and All Threads on Your Machine – Cindy Needham

#28507, Organic Hand Quilting – Kathy Doughty

#27505, Pack-It-Up Pouch: Fun and Function with Cork – Kate Colleran

#28101, “Pattented” Tips and Tricks for the True Beginner – Sue Patten

#23503, Perfectly Pointy – Needleturn Appliqué – Becky Goldsmith

#27507, Pick-Up Sticks – Fast and Fun Piecing – Becky Goldsmith

#25501, Practical Color Strategies – Learn Color and Value to Perfect Your Work – Becky Goldsmith

#28502, Quick Grid and Go – Sue Patten

#28508, Rogue Rulers and Stunning Stencil Designs – Sue Patten

#27103, Sweet Beets: Piece and Quilt a Vibrant Bed Scarf – Kate Colleran & Precutting Instructions

#23103, Tile Tango – Needleturn Appliqué – Becky Goldsmith

#27508, Twist and Shout – Paper Piecing the Virginia Reel Block – Nancy Mahoney & Precutting Instructions

#27501, Whirlybird Block – A Fun, Wonky Pieced Quilt! – Kate Colleran & Precutting Instructions


dab18-Supply List

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2018 Supply List

Class#, Title – Instructor

#19505, All Appliqué All the Time – Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Shelley Doyal

#19502, Around the Block – Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Shelley Doyal

#13505, Bee-utiful Hand Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#18102, Begin to Machine Quilt – Pat Durbin & #18102 Precutting Instructions

#19501, Beyond the Border – Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Shelley Doyal

#18507, Binding Made Easy: Your New Go-To Technique (First Offering) – Judy Hansen

#18510, Binding Made Easy: Your New Go-To Technique (Second Offering) – Judy Hansen

#17507, Cartwheels – Intro to Paper Piecing – Jessica VanDenburgh

#17103, Celebration Mystery Quilt Class – Kimberly Einmo & #17103 Precutting Instructions

#17506, Chain Saw – Piecing with Precuts – Kimberly Einmo & #17506 Precutting Instructions

#13102, Circles Squared – Machine Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#15504, Color and Constrast in Quilting – Gail Garber

#18511, Custom Quilting the Sampler – Judi Madsen

#13503, Daffodils – Create a Raw-Edge Fused Wallhanging – Frieda Anderson

#15501, Design Sensational Stars – Gail Garber

#15506, Discover Your Inner Artist! – Fabric Painting – Stephanie Brandenburg

#19101, Everything from E to Q – Learning Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Shelley Doyal

#19513, Fabracadabra Ornament – Paula Nadelstern

#18508, Fantabulous Free-Motion Feathers & Motifs – Judi Madsen

#13501, Fiesta Mexico, Block Three – Hand Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#15103, Flooded with Color – Dye Your Own Fabrics – Frieda Anderson

#18101, Focus on Free-Motion Feathers: Machine Quilting – Sue Nickels

#19504, Fotos, Fabric, and Fun – Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) – Shelley Doyal

#18501, Free-Motion “Magic” Machine Quilting – Sue Nickels

#18502, Free-Motion Fun on Your Home Machine – Judy Hansen

#18513, Free-Motion Machine Quilting – Frieda Anderson

#13502, Hand and Machine Appliqué the Karen Kay Buckley Way – Karen Kay Buckley

#15102, Happy Villages Fabric Collage – Karen Eckmeier

#17503, Introduction to Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing – Gail Garber

#13101, Kansas Rose Machine Appliqué – Karen Kay Buckley

#13506, Landscape Beginnings – Pat Durbin

#17502, Layered Logs – Topstitched Log Cabin Blocks – Karen Eckmeier

#15502, Let’s Make Waves! – Karen Eckmeier

#13504, Little Landscapes – Fused Appliqué – Frieda Anderson


Vicki McCarty | Lancaster 2018 Instructor vicki-mccartyVicki learned to quilt from her grandmother over 40 years ago in the foothills of Appalachia. Later, teaching quilting for community education led to opening the Calico Patch Quilt Shop. Vicki has owned and operated a full service quilt shop and BERNINA dealership for over 15 years. Vicki enjoys mixing cottons with wool applique and her passion for quilt design has inspired many published patterns available through national distributors. Enjoy her designs at calicopatch.net.

Click here to view all of Vicki’s classes


GYLEEN FITZGERLAD | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor gyleen-fitzgeraldGyleen Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern, and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. She shares her enthusiasm for quilting through interactive lectures and workshops.

An avid quilter, Gyleen has earned best of show honors. She is also a prolific writer, with published books of Haiku poetry, quilt project books, magazine articles, and children’s books. As a writer-publisher, she is a Gold Medal winner for Quilts: Unfinished Stories with New Endings (2008). She is best known for the inspiring Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilts (2010) and the creation of the Pineapple Tool by Gyleen. Her book Polygon Affair…So Easy You’ll Fall in Love (2014) explores her fascination with polygons, made easier with her polygon tools. Gyleen has appeared on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims and Lifetime TV. See more at www.colourfulstitches.com.

To view Gyleen’s classes CLICK HERE


SALLY MANKE  | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor sally_mankeFiber art was Sally Manke’s passion long before it was called fiber art. Retired from teaching home economics and art at the high school level for 25 years, she designs original art quilts with a wide variety of techniques using artistic expression and precise technical quilting skills. As a national-award-winning quilter, Sally teaches at quilt shops, guilds, and art centers in addition to maintaining an Etsy shop. Although she enjoys crafting traditional quilts, her perfect day is one spent in her home studio with fabric spread far and wide, creating confetti art. Each confetti quilt has thousands and thousands of tiny bits of batik fabric “painted” on batting and backing. From her home in Arcadia, Michigan, she visits coastlines, trails, and farmlands during all four seasons for inspiration to create these fiber art quilts.

To view Sally’s classes CLICK HERE


BONNIE LANGENFELD  | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor bonnie-langenfeldAward-winning fiber artist Bonnie Langenfeld uses thread painting and raw-edge appliqué techniques to create realistic fabric pictures. Her subjects are primarily landscapes, but she often includes people and animals among her subjects. She never adds paint or marker to her pieces but carefully chooses tiny parts of commercial fabrics, glues or fuses them together, and adds dozens of colors of machine-stitched threads to create depth, accentuate details, and make her work come to life. Bonnie’s professional history includes numerous art shows, awards, and membership in galleries in Florida and Minnesota. Her proudest accomplishments, and the ones that are the most fun, are teaching her techniques to adults and children. She focuses on the elements of art so that students can use those skills in other pieces. “Everyone will be successful!” is her motto. Please take a look at some of her recent work at www.landscapesinfabric.com.

To view Bonnie’s classes CLICK HERE


TOBY LISCHKO | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor toby-lischkoToby Lischko’s philosophy is “quilting should be fun, not hard.” Toby has been quilting since 1985 and teaching quilting classes/workshops since 1995. She considers herself a traditional quilter who loves working with traditional quilt blocks, but adds her own special flair to the designs. She has won many national awards for her quilts including the 1st Entry in an AQS Contest award sponsored by YLI for CELESTIAL CROWNS in Paducah in 2005. Toby designs patterns and templates under the name of Gateway Quilts & Stuff, Inc. The focus of her business is to inspire others with her love of quilting through teaching. She also does commissioned work for many of the major fabric companies and has been published in most of the national quilt magazines. Her background in special education has helped make her an excellent quilting teacher. See more at www.gatewayquiltsnstuff.com.

To view Toby’s classes CLICK HERE


LINDA THIELFOLDT  | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor linda-thielfoldtLinda Thielfoldt—an award winning quilter and owner of The Quilted Goose in Troy, Michigan—has been quilting for over 40 years. She loves to share quilting knowledge as a teacher of quiltmaking and machine quilting for over 25 years. Linda’s classes are taught in a no-rules, fun, and lively style that provides inspiration and new ideas.

Linda teaches at major shows and guilds and specializes in fearless quilting. She offers a wide variety of classes including quilting, piecing, appliqué, and everything in between. In addition to designing quilts and machine quilting patterns, Linda is a writer of all things quilting, and her articles have appeared in many top quilting and sewing magazines. She has appeared on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims and is the author of On My Way to Baltimore (2016). Find out more at www.thequiltedgoose.com.

To view Linda’s classes CLICK HERE