Karen Eckmeier | Daytona Beach 2018 Instructor

karen-eckmeierKaren Eckmeier, aka the Quilted Lizard, is an award-winning quilter and international teacher, author, and pattern designer. With a background in drawing but no sewing experience, Karen taught herself how to sew in order to make her first quilt. That was 30 years ago and she’s been hooked on fabric ever since. Nature often inspires her work, and Karen enjoys showing the viewer what she feels in lines and colors. Her art is happy and upbeat, concentrating on the positive and whimsical sides of life, as you can tell from the titles of her books: Happy Villages, Accidental Landscapes, Layered Waves, and Wearable Waves. Karen’s workshops emphasize her no-stress approach to playing with fabric, whether it be raw-edge collage or her layered/topstitching technique. No matter what, students always go home with an “I can do that” attitude. quilted-lizard.com

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