Dusty Farrell | Lancaster 2018 Instructor

dusty-farrellDustin (“Dusty”) Farrell is not your typical quilter. Anyone who knows Dusty’s high-energy and innovative designs, techniques, and multi-purpose tools would tell you to expect the unexpected! Dusty always has a story to tell or a hand to lend.

Dusty is an award-winning longarm quilter and 2014 IMQA teacher of the year who has traveled throughout the United States and Canada, teaching his unique style to longarm quilters. His work has been featured in several magazines, and he has been featured on various TV shows such as QNN TV’s Quilt It and Linda Taylor’s Linda’s Longarm Quilting Show. Dusty offers several instructional DVDs, books, and tools. To view Dusty’s work, visit his website, cscountrystitchin.com.

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