Kathy Doughty | Lancaster 2018 Instructor

kathy-doughtyKathy Doughty is the owner of Material Obsession, a popular patchwork shop in Sydney, Australia, where creative people go to get busy! She is the author of five books, including Material Obsession 1 & 2, Making Quilts, Adding Layers, and Mixing Quilt Elements. In recent years, Kathy has become a fabric designer for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Her experience as a shop owner has helped Kathy learn first-hand where people often get stuck in their projects, and she uses that experience to help her students and clients move forward in their work. Kathy has taught extensively throughout Australia, the US, France, and New Zealand. Her workshops are geared toward achieving interesting results with relatively easy techniques, focusing on color, value, and scale while encouraging and supporting creative choices. Her students learn to reach beyond personal limitations and comfort zones to create something new and exciting. Find out more at materialobsession.com.au.

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