Charlotte Convention Center, 501 S College Street, Charlotte, NC


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Charlotte 2014

And the Winners Are…
Wait no longer for the complete list of contest winners at AQS QuiltWeek® –Charlotte, North Carolina 2014! After the show, photos of the winning quilts and videos of winning quiltmakers will be available.

Winning quilts will be featured in the next issue of American Quilter magazine.


Best of Show Award
Melissa Sobotka,
Richardson, Texas

Best Computer-Aided Quilt Award #702CROWN JEWELS, Lisa H. Calle, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Best Computer-Aided Quilt Award
Lisa H. Calle,
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Bed Quilts – Traditional

First #107 VANDALIA ALBUM, Charli Fulton, Charleston, West Virginia

Second #128 AUTUMN JOURNEY AT WHITE OAK, Kathryn Zimmerman, Mars Hill, North Carolina

Third #101 SESQUICENTENNIAL, Lori Allison, Prior Lake, Minnesota

Hon. Mention #123 RHAPSODY IN BLUE, Edith Stein, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Bed Quilts – Innovative

First #211 SNOWMEN AT PLAY, Sharon Snoddy, Huntington, West Virginia

Second #203 ISABELLE, Kathi Carter, Vineyard, Utah

Third #206 GREG’S SONG, Cheri Meineke-Johnson and Linda V. Taylor, Corinth, Texas

Hon. Mention #202 A WINDOW ON ST. STANISLAUS PARISH, Joanne M. Butterfield and Sophie M. Pelletier, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bed Quilts – Computer-Aided

First #303 DRESDEN’S DILEMMA, Deborah Poole and Sharon Del Pino, Shelley, Idaho

Second #302 CHOCOLATE AND BLUEBERRIES, Dawn Larsen, Vernon Hills, Illinois

Third #301 OODLES OF SENSATIONS, Linda Barrett, Lexington, South Carolina

Hon. Mention #304 OVER, UNDER, AND AROUND…, Krystyna Swirydczuk, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Wall Quilts – Traditional

First #429 UPPER BODY WORKOUT IMPROVED, Laura Trenbeath, Pavillion, Wyoming

Second #422 ROSES FOR KATRINA, Gail H. Smith, North Barrington, Illinois

Third #401 OBSESSION, Mary Bauer, Crestwood, Kentucky

Hon. Mention #402 HONOR, COURAGE, AND COMMITMENT, Cheryl Beglau and Laura Orben, Groton, Connecticut

Wall Quilts – Innovative/Art

First #502 THE LANDING, Joanne Baeth, Bonanza, Oregon

Second #536 MORE THAN A MEMORY, Kathy McNeil, Tulalip, Washington

Third #554 WANDERING ’ROUND MY WORLD, Beth Schillig, Columbus, Ohio

Hon. Mention #539 IF THEY WERE IN P.E.I., Hiroko Miyama, Chofu City, Tokyo, Japan

Wall Quilts – Modern

First #606 RURAL RAGTIME, Jennifer Emry, Arlington, Virginia

Second #609 LET’S THAI ONE ON, Phyllis Kluger, Berkeley, California

Third #607 WATERFALL, Wilma Grubbs and Linda Esenbock, Leesville, South Carolina

Hon. Mention #601 VARIEGATED, Paige Alexander, Easley, South Carolina

Wall Quilts – Computer-Aided

First #707 OUTTA THE LOOP, Karen Marchetti and Eyvonne Smith, Port St. Lucie, Florida

Second #705 LIFE EVERLASTING, Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, California

Third #704 ZEN GARDEN, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham, Maine

Hon. Mention #712 B. J. HIBISCUS PRELUDE, Sylvia G. Snyder, Hurlock, Maryland