DAYTONA BEACH 2018 | Quilt Exhibits

From the Land of Enchantment: Thirty Years of Quilts

Quilts by Gail Garber

Nearly forty years ago, after taking a basic hand-piecing class, Gail Garber discovered her passion for all things quilted, a world of endless variations, extraordinary colors, and that there would be no limits to creativity. To that end, she immersed herself in learning everything about the art of quiltmaking, from those traditional hand pieced and quilted patterns of the early years, through studies of various techniques, and finally bringing it all together into one cohesive style for which she is now known – Flying Geese. Strongly influenced by the art communities and brilliant colors of New Mexico, her quilts are distinctive.

Quilt Detail: AZIMUTH by Gail Garber

Azimuth 1989 by Gail Garber

Quilt Detail: COSMIC PARADE by Gail Garber

Cosmic Parade 2003 by Gail Garber

Quilt Detail: Abo Canyon Memories 2012 by by Gail Garber, Donna Barnitz and Michele Hymel, Quilt Show Exhibit

Abo Canyon Memories 2012 by Gail Garber, Donna Barnitz and Michele Hymel

Quilt Detail: CELEBRATION 2016 by Gail Garber and Kris Vierra, Quilt Show Exhibit

Celebration 2016 by Gail Garber and Kris Vierra

FOSSIL FANTASY #1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Detail: Fossil Fantasy #1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Contemporary Art Quilts – U.S. and Brazil

The exhibit is made up of a total of 53 art quilts: 23 art quilts from Brazil artists and 30 art quilts from the Contemporary Quilt Art Association. The Brazil artists over the years have continued to explore the abstract with an emphasis to adding depth to each piece using embellishments. While the Contemporary Quilt Art Association artists created mainly abstract art quilts in its early years, they have started moving towards abstract realism with often very little physical depth in each piece.

SILK ROAD SAMPLER by Melissa Sobotka

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2017 Best of Show
Silk Road Sampler by Melissa Sobotka

Daytona Beach
Contest Quilts

The international quilt contest sponsored by AQS presents quilts using a wide variety of techniques that quiltmakers around the world are using today. Quilters will vie for $54,000 in cash awards, with the Best of Show receiving $10,000. Quilts range from traditional designs that everyone knows, like Lone Star and Log Cabin, as well as Modern and Art quilts that reach outside the box with new designs and techniques.

Detail: Wheat, Poppies, Grapes, and Sheep by Enid Weichselbaum

The Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge – The French Gallery

Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most beloved artists. The participants in this challenge were inspired by his work and life to create their own small masterpieces. The quilts are made entirely from hand dyed suede-look cotton from Cherrywood Fabrics. The strong visual impact of this exhibit is due to the cohesive color, size and fabric. This selection of 120 quilts, “The French Gallery,” includes the prize winners and quilts with special recognition for workmanship.

Detail: Pepperdish Allamanda by Cathy Barlow

Showcase of Quilts: The Quilting Guild of The Villages

The Quilting Guild of The Villages was established in 2002 to promote an interest in and appreciation of the art of quilting, to share quilting information, to provide education for Guild members, and to be of service to their community.
Today the Guild has more than 1,000 members with chapters which meet throughout The Villages. This exhibit showcases quilts made by representatives of all 21 chapters of the Guild.


Detail: Saturday Night at the Honk-Y Tonk Saloon by Robin Gausebeck

New Quilts From an Old Favorite: Flying Geese

Through its annual New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest, the National Quilt Museum challenges quiltmakers to create an innovative design based on a traditional quilt block. For 2017, the quilt pattern was Flying Geese.
This exhibit features the top 18 quilts in the contest, ranging from pictorial, landscape, pieced, and modern-style quilts to quilts with miters and circular shapes, as well as quilts that use the color wheel for inspiration.

Quilt Detail: Autumn Rhapsody by Karen Farnsworth

Detail: Autumn Rhapsody by Karen Farnsworth

Statler Challenge

Gammill Quilting Machines issued a challenge to Statler Stitcher owners to make a quilt using the theme, Fall in My World. These quilters explored the many design capabilities that can be accomplished by using the Statler Stitcher on Gammill Quilting Machines.

Detail: The Traces of Past by Misik Kin

SAQA – Korean Quilts Now

The Studio Arts Quilt Associates™ of the Republic of Korea began in 2010. This exhibit features a variety of art quilt techniques the group has been studying over the last several years. The group collaborated to create three of the works. Through their artwork, these quilters incorporate unusual and interesting interpretations of life that surrounds them – sometimes joy and sometimes turmoil.

Quilt Credit: DOGWOODS IN PINK by Bonnie Browning

Detail: Dogwoods in Pink by Bonnie Browning, quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn

AQS iquilt and Author Showcase

Artistry and craft are blended together in the AQS iquilt & Author Showcase. AQS provides a platform to view quilts, projects, and demonstrations. The displays feature quilts from well-known instructors for iquilt online classes and AQS books. You will find interactive opportunities as instructors demonstrate their techniques.