FALL PADUCAH 2017 | Quilt Exhibits


Quilts by Pam Holland

Pam Holland has been teaching quilting and textile art for more than 25 years. Each quilt she makes tells a story. Using her own photographic imagery taken on her travels around the world, Pam translates images in a variety of ways to make her quilts echo the traditions of quiltmaking along with cultural distinctiveness. This exhibit is your opportunity to see the world through the eyes of Pam Holland.

Fall Paducah Contest Quilts

The international quilt contest sponsored by AQS presents quilts using a wide variety of techniques that quiltmakers around the world are using today. Quilters will vie for over $121,000 in cash awards, with the Best of Show receiving $20,000. Quilts range from traditional designs that everyone knows, like Lone Star and Log Cabin, as well as Modern and Art quilts that reach outside the box with new designs and techniques.

Quilting Impressionist Landscapes: Quilts by Noriko Endo

Since 1985, Noriko Endo has followed her passion and devoted herself to creating artistic, nature-inspired quilts. She chose quilting as the ideal medium to express her profound love of and feelings for nature, trees, and blossoms. She uses colors in an exuberant way, similar to impressionist painters who often fill their canvases with light, shade, and depth. Noriko’s work has been recognized for its likeness to landscape oil paintings, with their textured multi-dimensional surfaces, and her work has been displayed in many national and international art quilt exhibits.

Freehand Patchwork by Danny Amazonas

Freehand Patchwork is a unique textile art made up of hundreds of pieces of colorful fabric that together form an image. Danny creates his works by hand, and chooses each piece of fabric personally.

Australia Wide Five

Australia Wide Five is a juried, touring exhibition showcasing the artwork of members of Ozquilt Network Inc , Australia’s organization for art quilters. The collection of 39 works reflects contemporary art quilt practice from across Australia. Each work is 16×16 in.

Hoffman Challenge 2016: Crystalia

This challenge marks the first time Hoffman offered a digitally printed fabric as the challenge fabric, and in two versions – black and white.

Vintage Made Modern Quilts: Collection of Brenda Groelz

Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing at Handi Quilter, has been collecting quilt tops since she was a young quilting farm wife in Nebraska in the 1980s. An introduction to online auctions fed her obsession with rescuing quilt tops with the idea that one day she’d “practice quilt” them on her longarm machine. That never happened! Members of the HQ National Educators team tackled them instead. Using their own vision, these educators gave these classic quilts a new look with jaw-dropping modern quilting schemes.

New Quilts From an Old Favorite: Flying Geese

Through its annual New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest, the National Quilt Museum challenges quiltmakers to create an innovative design based on a traditional quilt block. For 2017, the quilt pattern was Flying Geese.
This exhibit features the top 18 quilts in the contest, ranging from pictorial, landscape, pieced, and modern-style quilts to quilts with miters and circular shapes, as well as quilts that use the color wheel for inspiration. Each of these quiltmakers met the challenge and created something new with the Flying Geese block.

AQS Authors’ Showcase

Artistry and craft are blended together in the AQS Authors’ Showcase. AQS provides a platform to view quilts, projects, and demonstrations. The displays feature the latest books from well-known authors. You will find interactive opportunities as AQS authors demonstrate their techniques.

SAQA: The Declaration of Sentiments 1848 – The Struggle Continues

The Declaration of Sentiments is the foundational document for women’s rights, drafted in Seneca Falls, New York, July 1848, at our nation’s first women’s rights convention. Women’s concerns at that time included employment, educational opportunities, voting and property rights, and social and religious degradation. Chilling declarations were made, such as married women, in the eyes of the law, were civilly dead. Much progress has been made in these areas, yet women still do not have full equality, empowerment, or justice with all the rights and privileges that belong to them as citizens of these United States. This exhibition celebrates women’s accomplishments and honors their struggles throughout American history. Whether abstract, graphic, or representational, your voice illustrating the passion, anger, hope, perseverance, and celebration of women’s rights is relevant and important. This is a regional exhibit representing KY, TN, IL, WI, IN, OH, MO, KS, OK.