Michele LaRue

/Michele LaRue

#22203, Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire

Day: Friday, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Heritage Ballroom C
Teacher: Michele LaRue
Level: All levels


Member: $28 Retail: $35

Many women fought against getting the vote, but none with more charm, prettier clothes—and less logic—than the fictional speaker in Someone Must Wash the Dishes: An Anti-Suffrage Satire. “Woman Suffrage is the reform against nature,” proclaims our unlikely, but irresistibly likeable, heroine. “Ladies, get what you want. Make a scene. Make home a hell on earth—but do it in a womanly way! That is so much more dignified and refined than walking up to a ballot box and dropping in a piece of paper!” In this witty monologue, written in 1912 by pro-suffragist Marie Jenney Howe, the cheerfully single-minded speaker contradicts every point she makes as she crusades to preserve the Home and save the Nation from anarchy.