Quilt Shipping Information

Notification: All accepted entries will receive an email notification with an attached Contestant Guide. The guide contains details on preparing your quilt for shipping, obtaining an appraisal, insurance coverage, and returning your quilt.

Complete Preferences: Using the information provided in the guide, contestants will complete their return shipping preferences: Continental U. S. Shipping, International (including Alaska, Hawaii, and all U. S. Territories) Shipping, Pre-Paid FEdEx or UPS Shipping Label, or In-Person Pick up. (A “Hold” option is available for some shows.) Contestants also have the option to request an appraisal during the selection process. (Note: Written appraisals will be mailed approximately 30 days after the show.)

At AQS, we provide brand-new, specially designed boxes for every contestant free of charge. These square boxes come in three different sizes to accommodate varying quilt sizes, and have double flaps on top and bottom to protect your quilt. However, we understand that some quilts need to be rolled and we will continue to accept rolled quilts in long, slender boxes or tubes and return these in the same container in which it was shipped.

Beginning in 2015, an additional $25 fee will be added to all irregular-sized/shaped packages. The shipping cost of irregular-sized packages is considerably more due to the dimensional weight (Length x Width x Height/166) charged by all carriers. Irregular-sized packages also require additional time and handling by staff to check-in, process, and repackage. For additional information please watch the Shipping Irregular-sized/shaped Packages video.

What is difference between using my own box and using an AQS box?
AQS Box – Your quilt will travel to the show and return home in the AQS box.
My Box/Tube – Your quilt will remain its original packaging both before and after the show.

Contestants will ship their quilt to the address provided in the Contestant Guide by the deadline listed.

Preparing & Shipping Your Quilt: Guidelines for preparing a quilt for shipment:
• View the Packing & Shipping video.
• Be sure your quilt has a label with your name, address, and quilt title on the back.
• Pack the quilt in a plastic bag, inside a sturdy box.
• Identification Card: Write the title of your quilt, your name, address, and phone number and place inside the box with your quilt.
• Address Card: Write your name, return address, and phone number on a 3″ x 5″ card for shipping and place in an envelope. Tape the envelope to the outside of your plastic bag so it is visible when we open the box. Write your quilt number (provided in the guide) on the front of the envelope.
• In large bold print, write your quilt number (provided in the guide) on the top of the outside of the box, near the address.

Processing: Because our home office is in Paducah, all quilts are shipped to Paducah to be processed and checked in. Someone is available during regular business hours, at our facility, to sign for shipments from UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service. Once most of the quilts have been received, they are checked in, put in a brand-new box specifically designed for shipping quilts, labeled for return shipping to you, or the place you designated, and then organized by categories. (Quilts shipped to us in irregular boxes/tubes will stay in their original packaging if the additional fee is paid.) The quilts are then transported to the show where they will be placed in their designated area for hanging.

Returning Quilts: Once the quilts return to our facility, they are shipped out the following week, unless additional photography is needed (winners, etc.) All effort is made to ship quilts within 10 days after the show. Quilts may have shipping insurance added at the rate of $4.00 for each $1000 worth of insurance. This is requested when completing the shipping preferences online. Included in the box with your quilt will be any ribbons awarded, a copy of the Show Book, and a quilt label. Quilts shipped in irregular boxes/tubes will receive these materials in a separate mailing.



 A signature is required on the return of all quilts.


Will I receive a notification when AQS receives my quilt?
AQS cannot confirm the arrival of individual quilts. Please track your quilt using your shipment tracking number.

Can I ship one or more quilts in the same box?
For security purposes we request that all quilts be boxed and sent separately. Quilt boxes are kept behind the curtains where the quilt is hung so the box and quilt are never separated. Since your quilts will be hanging in separate areas, they each need their own box.

What is the deadline for accepted quilts to be mailed to AQS?
2017 Quilt Deadline

How can I request a ribbon if I am not attending the show?
Mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Attn: Andrea Ray-Ribbon
PO Box 3290
Paducah, KY 42002
Please specify the contest entered when requesting a ribbon.