Cheryl Lynch | Spring Paducah 2018 Instructor


Cheryl Lynch made her first quilt out of Marimekko fabric as an impoverished chemistry graduate student at M.I.T. It took another 17 years for her to make a second one – and then she was hooked. It has been over 20 years now. Cheryl likes to describe herself as an artist, designer, and educator. In 1996, Cheryl began teaching quiltmaking and then started a Judaic quilt pattern company, OyVey! Quilt Designs, in 1999 at the request of her students. Since then, Cheryl has had projects published in many national quilting publications, has authored two quilting books, and has won awards for her quilts at major quilt shows. In addition, Cheryl has completed several commissions for American synagogues. Cheryl’s quilts are influenced by her family and her travels, taking inspiration from wrought iron railing in Barcelona, mosaics in Israel, or brickwork in her state of Pennsylvania. She incorporates every technique she knows and develops new techniques when she needs them, designing and creating innovative and unique quilts. Learn more at

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