Heather Givans | Spring Paducah 2018 Instructor

heather-givansHeather Givans started Crimson Tate: Modern Quilter by creating non-traditional patterned quilts with contemporary and vintage repurposed fabrics for a modern twist. A Purdue University graduate of Art History, Art Education, and Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking, Heather’s quilts are good design coupled with an attention to craftsmanship. She learned to quilt when helping her mother fulfill a 30 year dream of learning to sew. Together, the two of them set off to quilt camp in middle America where Heather fell in love with fabric, texture, patterns, and little old ladies with endless sewing knowledge. With a ready cup of coffee, a little too much cream, and some great folk tunes, Heather used to work on new designs and drew inspiration in her basement located near Lake Superior in Duluth, MN. Ya sure you betcha. Now she works on new designs among the hustle and bustle of Mass Ave in Downtown Indianapolis and offers quality fabrics, patterns, notions, and sewing classes. Learn more at crimsontate.com.

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