Pat Yamin | Spring Paducah 2018 Instructor

pat-yaminInnovative quilt artist Pat Yamin, president and founder of Come Quilt with Me, is well-known in the quilting industry. For more than 40 years, Pat has been designing quilt patterns and templates, making quilts, judging, leading seminars, writing quilt books, and teaching. Pat’s love for old textiles and traditional patterns is a driving force behind her creativity. Her company manufactures templates and other tools that ensure accuracy and shorten the time necessary to make a quilt. Her books include Simple Super One-Patch Quilts, Two-Patch Scrap Quilts, One-Patch Scrap Quilts, Back to Basics: Quilt Templates and Patterns Explained, and Look What I See Quilts. In addition to designing, teaching, traveling, and vending at quilt shows, Pat also organizes and runs quilting retreats throughout the United States. If you are interested in learning more about Pat Yamin, visit her website at

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