Workshop Description

Freehand, Fabulous, and E2E – #58524

Day: Thursday, 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Location: Adams I and II Room
Teacher: Bethanne Nemesh
Level: All levels

Member: $100 Retail: $125
(Plus Kit Fee)

Edge-to-edge quilting is the most beautiful basic quilting we can do on a quilt. It is perfect for our own quilts or business quilts that were made “for love,” but don’t need a heavy investment in time or money. Give each quilt its own unique personality with freehand edge-to-edge work and drop the tiled look and line-up hassles of pantographs. Bethanne will teach you three major design group thread paths: echoes, meandering chains, and curling Amish feathers for solid edge-to-edge coverage. Before the end of class, students will move beyond the suggested class motifs and be creating unique patterns of their own with ease.