Workshop Description

Piecing Perfect Pinless Pinwheels – #17505

Day: Friday, 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Location: Room 103B
Teacher: Kimberly Einmo
Level: All levels

Member: $56 Retail: $70
(Plus Handout Fee)

Delightfully fun and easy-breezy, this quilt is an absolute treat to make! Kimberly will share the important points of Triangles 101 and why bias matters. You’ll learn to expertly cut half-square and quarter-square triangles easily and accurately from simple fabric strips. No more cutting squares first and then cutting them diagonally, and no more ⅞” measurements. Impossible? Not with Kimberly’s method! You’ll be able to piece the blocks without worrying about bias edges or trimming units, and best of all, NO PINS! (Really!) This quilt features pinwheels with a twist, and as a bonus you’ll learn to create a stunning Flying Geese border constructed from the same strips used for the blocks. This class is lots of fun and chock-full of helpful hints and clever tips. Come join the fun by making an entire quilt of fancifully colored Pinwheels and Flying Geese. And leave the straight pins at home!