AQS QuiltWeek – Charleston 2019 Supply List

#68505, Begin Your Journey in Free-Motion Quilting on a Home Machine – Jane Hauprich

#68509, Begin Your Journey in Free-Motion Quilting on a Longarm – Jane Hauprich

#68101w, Beginning Your Longarm Journey: Longarm Quilting for Beginners – Jane Hauprich

#68507, Borders, Binding, and More – Kris Vierra

#67502, Cat Nap Quilt: Picture Piecing – Cynthia England

#63501, Clever Clamshells Quilt: Fast and Easy Appliqué – Sue Pelland

#65501, Coneflower Quilt: Fuse Flowers in Paint-by-Number Style – Melinda Bula

#68503, Continuous Quilting: How to Get from Here to There – Kris Vierra

#69510, Cork Notebook Cover: Create with Appliqué Shapes – Sue Pelland

#68504, Easy Background Fills for Longarm Quilting – Kris Vierra

#67103w, Easy English Paper Piecing by Machine – Kris Vierra

#65506, Fabulous and Fusible Flowers: Sunflower Quilt – Melinda Bula

#65103t, Fabulous and Fusible Flowers: Zinnias Quilt – Melinda Bula

#68510, Feathers in Free-Motion: Longarm Machine Quilting – Jane Hauprich

#65505, From Flower Photo to Finished Quilt (Lecture/Demo) – Melinda Bula

#67507, Glorious Hummingbirds: Learn Picture Piecing – Cynthia England

#67504, Introduction to Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing – Gail Garber

#68502, Learn Free-Motion Quilting on the Domestic Machine – Cindy Grisdela

#67101w, Little House of Geese: Learn Freeform Foundation Piecing – Gail Garber

#68506, Quilts Rule with Rulerwork! Home Machine Quilting – Jane Hauprich

#65507, Resist ‘n Paint Silk Scarf: Create Your Own Fashion – Cynthia Wismann

#63103t, Ring Around the Rosy Block: Cut, Fuse, and Stitch – Sue Pelland

#67106t, Santa Fe Stonework Quilt: Precision Piecing – David Taylor

#67508, Santa Pooch: Picture Piece a Furry Friend – Cynthia England

#67109f, Scrumptious Star Stitchery: Paper Foundation Piecing – Gail Garber

#63102w, Simple Pictorial Hand Appliqué – David Taylor

#65502, Slow Stitching: Beginning Hand Stitches – Cynthia Wismann

#67505, Something Fishy: Easy Paper Piecing – Gail Garber

#67110f, Tile Table Runner Twins – Sue Pelland

#67111f, Waterfall Quilt: Picture Piecing – Cynthia England

#68508, Yes, You Can Stipple! Domestic Machine Quilting – David Taylor