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LINDA M. POOLE | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor linda-m-pooleWhen Linda M. Poole was a little girl, she had an insatiable desire to make things. Her grandmother gave that energetic little girl a way to have fun and participate. She propped Linda on her lap and showed her how to sew! Linda had her own needles, scissors, and threads before she began kindergarten and was taught to respect her tools. She remembers her mother teaching her to crochet, knit, and embroider. Her father took her on adventures. Linda is thankful for the thought and time her family gave to nurturing her curiosity and love for art.

Author of Painted Appliqué: A New Approach, Linda is busy as a quilt instructor, lecturer, and fabric designer. Her life revolves around photography, writing, painting, and sewing. These interests fuel her passion for travel, teaching, and sharing her experiences with people around the world. She has taught throughout the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Italy, and she is an iquilt instructor. Linda believes language is never a barrier in the translation of quilts. You’ll find her at www.lindampoole.com.

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MARIA SHELL | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor maria-shellMaria Shell’s work is grounded in the tradition and craft of American quiltmaking. Her driving force is always color and how to make it vibrate on a wall using vintage and contemporary commercial solid fabrics, as well as her own hand-dyed fabrics, as her primary materials. Maria strives to manipulate the classical components of a traditional bed quilt with the hope of creating surprising combinations of pattern, repetition, and color for the viewer. She is the recipient of a 2011 Sustainable Arts Foundation Award and a Rasmuson Foundation Project Award and Fellowship. In 2012, Maria was one of 44 artists from the Northwest invited to participate in the Bellevue Arts Museum’s Biennial exhibition, High Fiber Diet. She was a featured artist for the 2013 Surface Design Association’s International Conference held in San Antonio, Texas. She has had several solo and small group shows including Cut, Stitch, Press at the Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer, Alaska; The Art of the Grid at the Wiseman Gallery in Grants Pass, Oregon; fiber at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio; and Hot Crossed Squares at the Kenai Peninsula College Gallery in Soldotna, Alaska.

Maria was an artist in residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she worked with formerly chronically homeless individuals to build a community quilt celebrating their new homes. She is currently writing a book for C&T publishing while preparing work for a three-person show at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida. You can see more of Maria’s work at mariashell.com and learn more about her process by visiting www.talesofastitcher.com.

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CATHERINE REDFORD | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor catherine-redfordStill known for her innovation and imagination, English-born Catherine Redford learned to knit and sew at an early age, keeping her family’s Barbie dolls and action men well dressed. After relocating from London to Naperville, Illinois, she started quilting in 1998 and discovered a new passion in her life. She began to teach classes five years after her first quilting class. She’s an award-winning quilter, an active member of her local guilds, a popular teacher at local and national levels, and the co-founder of the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild.

Catherine is an author, a frequent magazine contributor, and has been a guest on Quilting Arts TV. She has two DVDs on modern machine quilting techniques produced by QATV and her book, Modern Machine Quilting: Make a Perfectly Finished Quilt on Your Home Machine, was published in March 2017. Read more about Catherine and see her work at www.catherineredford.com.

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KIMBERLY EINMO | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor kimberly-einmoKimberly Einmo is an author, award-winning quilter, designer, international instructor, quilt judge, and host of five popular Craftsy classes. A proud military spouse, she is the mother of two college-age sons and lives with her husband, three cats, and one pampered pooch in Virginia, where she enjoys creating new quilts in her sunny studio.

Besides writing a regular column, “Kimberly’s Korner,” in American Quilter magazine, she has written articles and featured projects in numerous magazines and publications. Her six books include her newest, Clever Combo Quilts, plus Modern Quilts & More, Jelly Roll Quilts & More, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, Precut Bonanza, and Quilt a Travel Souvenir. Kimberly has developed a signature line of innovative quilting tools, and she has proudly represented several prestigious groups as one of Janome’s top Artisans, as a BERNINA Ambassador, and as a Pfaff Sewing Star.

Kimberly has traveled the world lecturing and teaching, often on quilting cruises with Quilt Seminars at Sea. She loves to meet quilters and share the joy and passion of quilting with everyone! See her website, www.kimberlyeinmo.com, to learn more.

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BETHANNE NEMESH | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor bethanne-nemeshBethanne Nemesh is a classically trained artist and self-taught quilter. She runs a successful longarm quilting business where she focuses on meeting her clients’ budgets while providing them with unique customized quilting. In addition, Bethanne creates a number of art quilts for show each year, quilted with detailed and elaborate natural scenery in a style she calls “pictographic quilting.” These quilts feature high-end detail work, including her signature beaded piping.

Bethanne’s quilts have won many major national awards at every major quilt show, including Best of Show and Best Longarm Machine Quilting, and she was honored by being named Master Quilter by the National Quilting Association in 2015. Additionally, Bethanne has published numerous books teaching a variety of freemotion quilting techniques. To see all of Bethanne’s quilts, books, awards, and publications, please visit her website at www.whitearborquilting.com.

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JENNY DOAN | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor jenny-doanIn November 2008, Jenny Doan’s children bought her a longarm quilting machine so she could machine quilt for their Caldwell County, Missouri, community. The Doan family started the Missouri Star Quilt Company, selling a few quilting supplies while primarily offering machine quilting services. Soon they decided to grow the business online. The family started a YouTube channel with Jenny (a.k.a. “Momma Doan”) as instructor, teaching beginning through advanced quilting techniques and ideas.

It wasn’t long before Missouri Star became the biggest quilting channel on YouTube, and Jenny became a quilting celebrity. In less than four years, Missouri Star grew to offer the largest selection of pre-cut fabrics in the world, and the brick and mortar shop has become a quilting destination, attracting quilters from across the globe. Find out more at www.missouriquiltco.com.

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PAM HOLLAND | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor pam-holland“Artists are inventors, shaping the new from the already established. Some of my ideas about quilts come to me through the whisperings of ancestors and things unknown. Other inspiration comes from nature, my photography, my experiences in travel and the light in my expression as I see the world as a very special place.” Pam can be described as a quilter, quilt designer, pattern designer, fabric designer, photographer, illustrator, filmmaker, judge, and author, but her life revolves around so much more.

After careers in a photography and fashion design, Pam has been working in the quilting industry for over 20 years. She travels ten months of the year to far-flung places teaching the art of quilting. Her experiences in teaching and travel have been the inspiration for most of her quilts and have reinforced her reputation for shaping something new from the already established. Drawing, writing, and filming while she travels help Pam form the basic plans that she uses to create quilts when she’s home in the studio. Pam has been lucky enough to win numerous international awards. Pam lives in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and is married and a mother to 13 children who all live close by with their families. See her work and photography at www.iampamholland.com .

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JOY-LILY | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor joy-lilyJoy-Lily is a silk painter, quilter, fabric dyer, printmaker, and surface designer. Plain cloth is just not safe around her! She has been teaching fiber arts and quilting for over 30 years. She taught textile arts including quilting and shibori to seniors for nine years on a California Arts Council grant. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Europe, and China, and has been published in Japan and the US.

Joy-Lily’s book, Carefree Quilts: A Freestyle Twist on Classic Designs was published in 2012. Her teaching style is playful and collaborative, featuring techniques and projects that are goof-proof. Workshop participants create work they love on their very first try! See her work at www.joy-lily.com.

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NORIKO ENDO | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor noriko-endoSince 1985, Noriko Endo has devoted herself to carrying out her lifetime wish of creating quilts as the ideal medium for her exuberant use of color and her deep feeling for trees. Teaching, selling, and exhibiting her work, she enjoys the freedom to work full time in her studio in Tokyo or at her home in Chiba, Japan. Her work has been showcased in several published compilations of contemporary art quilts.

Noriko has taught many techniques worldwide. Her work has been recognized for its oil-painted, impressionistic landscape quality and has appeared in many national and international art quilt shows including Quilt National, Quilt Visions, and Quilt Nihon. In 2007, Noriko was awarded Best of Show at Quilt National, and she has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting international art quilt teachers working today. Her technique, Confetti Naturescapes, allows her to capture the play of light and color she sees during walks in the woods by using tiny pieces of fabric caught under a layer of transparent tulle to create an effect akin to Pointillism. See her work at www.norikoendo.com.

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JUDI MADSEN | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor judi-madsen

Award-winning quilter Judi Madsen grew up in a family of 11 children with a mother who loved quilting as much as Judi does today. She now has four kids of her own and a husband who manages their online business, and she enjoys sharing her love of all things quilty in her role as teacher. Judi stays busy quilting for customers from all over the country on her A1 longarm machine, sharing all of her customers’ quilts at www.greenfairyquiltsblog.com and creating many quilting designs and patterns for her website, www.greenfairyquilts.com.

Judi enjoys turning simple quilts into masterpieces with incredible heavy custom quilting, and she teaches her techniques in her two books, Quilting Wide Open Spaces and Secondary Designs, both published by AQS. She is thrilled to be able to be a part of the quilting world and is happy to meet so many wonderful people throughout the world who share her love of quilting.

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