JENNIE RAYMENT | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor

jennie-raymentJennie Rayment is internationally renowned for her unusual and novel “Nipping and Tucking” fabric manipulation techniques. From Origami to fabric sculpture and from quilts to garments, Jennie’s unique dimensional designs appeal to all. She teaches, lectures, and exhibits worldwide. She is sometimes called the “Muslin Mistress” as she often works in that medium. Anyone interested in any form of needlework will be captivated by her deviously ingenious textural designs and benefit from the wealth of creative ideas arising from her magic manipulations.

Jennie has written nine books on fabric manipulation techniques and other intriguing things to do with fabric, and she has authored “zillions” of articles and a variety of patterns. Her work is exhibited in various galleries, at shows, and at exhibitions around the world. See more at

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