PAM HOLLAND | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor

pam-holland“Artists are inventors, shaping the new from the already established. Some of my ideas about quilts come to me through the whisperings of ancestors and things unknown. Other inspiration comes from nature, my photography, my experiences in travel and the light in my expression as I see the world as a very special place.” Pam can be described as a quilter, quilt designer, pattern designer, fabric designer, photographer, illustrator, filmmaker, judge, and author, but her life revolves around so much more.

After careers in a photography and fashion design, Pam has been working in the quilting industry for over 20 years. She travels ten months of the year to far-flung places teaching the art of quilting. Her experiences in teaching and travel have been the inspiration for most of her quilts and have reinforced her reputation for shaping something new from the already established. Drawing, writing, and filming while she travels help Pam form the basic plans that she uses to create quilts when she’s home in the studio. Pam has been lucky enough to win numerous international awards. Pam lives in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and is married and a mother to 13 children who all live close by with their families. See her work and photography at .

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