SANDY FITZPATRICK | Fall Paducah 2017 Instructor

sandy-fitzpatrickAs it often happens, Sandy Fitzpatrick’s love of sewing clothing transcended into quiltmaking. She found that stitching quilts was “sew” much easier since there are a lot of straight lines—and a quilt is one size fits all! When she tired of making traditional quilts, her creative spirit took over and she moved on to designing appliqué quilts.

Sandy’s fusible appliqué patterns are full of whimsy and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Sandy, owner of Hissyfitz Designs, is an appliqué quilt pattern designer whose goal is to get the quirky designs that are spinning around in her head down on paper for you to enjoy! Sandy strives to make her full-sized patterns easy to follow and fun to make. Her classes, focusing on machine appliqué and free-motion quilting, are equally fun. You’ll find her at

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