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  1. A full view photo of your quilt with all four corners visible (image must be jpeg less than 10 MB)
  2. A detail image of your quilt showcasing your best work (image must be jpeg less than 10 MB)
  3. A head shot of yourself, from the shoulders up (image must be less than 10 MB)
  4. Size of your quilt in width and length
  5. If your quilt is not your original design, you will need to provide the pattern or design information. You will also need to upload a copy of your design permission. (Must be scanned as one document, less than 10 MB)
  6. If your quilt is valued over $1,000, you must upload a copy of your appraisal. (Must be scanned as one document, less than 10 MB)
  7. Optional: Name and email address of your local newspaper.
  • For more information on categories and rules, click here.
  • For more information on the required photos, click here.
  • For more information on design permission, click here.

Are you having trouble uploading your photo?

Make sure your photo is saved as a jpeg and under 10 MB. Depending on your network, it may take several minutes to complete the upload. It may appear that nothing is happening, but try waiting 2 -3 minutes to see if it uploads successfully.

This site is not compatible with iPads, tablets, or smart phones. Also, Mac users often have trouble uploading photos into the program. (Mac users have reported more success when using a  browser other than Safari.) A PC is recommended for the best results.

The most common reason to receive an error when trying to upload a photo for the contest is not allowing enough time for the photo to upload. Depending on your network, it may take several minutes to complete the upload. It may appear that nothing is happening, but try waiting 2 -3 minutes to see if it uploads successfully.

Another common problem when trying to upload photos is because the photo is too large. (The photo must be smaller than 10MB.) Also, the photo must be saved as a jpeg.

This site runs your name and email through the membership database. If your membership is current, you automatically receive member pricing. Please note that your name and email must match exactly as it is listed in the membership database. (You can check your membership name and email here.)

Yes, your label should include your name, address, and quilt title. Video Answer (This is for security, in case your quilt was to become separated from its box.)

If your quilt is a completely original design, not based on anyone else’s patterns, photographs, or artwork, you do not need to worry about getting anyone’s permission before displaying your quilt. If your quilt is strictly for your own use and enjoyment, and will not be displayed publicly, used commercially, or sold, you also do not have to seek any permissions.

If your quilt is based on anyone else’s patterns, photographs, or artwork, and is visible and identifiable in your work, even though it might not be exactly the same, you still need to ask their permission. Seeking permission does not have to be intimidating or difficult, a simple e-mail or short letter is all that is needed. Contact information is usually available through the book, magazine, or pattern company, and may even be printed in the book, magazine, or on the pattern. Often, designers, photographers, and artists have their own websites with contact information posted. Tell the artist/designer that you have made a quilt from their pattern/artwork, attach a photo, and ask their permission to enter and display it in the show, and to publish photographs with proper credit. For more information on design permission click here.

All submitted quilts go through a jury process. The jury is made up of three or more people, and usually includes someone with a traditional background, an art background, and an experienced quilter. The photos are shown to the jury (quilter’s names are not shown) and a description of the quilt is provided. The jurors may choose
Accept, Reject or Undecided, make a comment, or suggest a category change. Each category is worked separately, and then a second round begins with the Undecided entries.
This continues until all three jurors accept the number of quilts that we have room to display.

Notification letters will be emailed to the email address you used when registering. Please be sure to save the email address in your address book, so the email comes to your inbox. (

2021 Notification and Deadlines Table

Yes, we do hold quilts between shows IF the contestant REQUESTS such on the return shipping information. When acceptance letters are sent out for each contest, you have the option to have your quilt held. If you have entered the next contest, you would select “hold.” If the quilt is then accepted, we will hold it between shows. If not, we would make arrangements to send it home to you.

We will hold quilts between the first three spring shows. After the last spring show, all quilts are shipped home. (There is over 3 months before the next contest.) We will also hold quilts between the fall shows. After the last fall show, all quilts are shipped home.

Video Answer

Go ahead and register for the class, but select “No Admission.” If your quilt is not accepted, then you can modify your registration later, and add admission. (Paducah ONLY: The Awards Presentation and Sneak Preview are also complimentary for accepted contestants. Anyone accompanying you will need to purchase admission to each.)

That is absolutely no problem as long as your quilt is properly labeled with your Quilt # according to the directions on your Contestant Guide. All quilts come into the AQS warehouse which is staffed Monday-Friday year round. It is never a problem to send a quilt early.

If for any reason your quilt cannot arrive by the deadline, contact Andrea Ray at
Because our home office is in Paducah, all quilts are shipped to there so they can be processed and checked in. We have someone available during regular business hours, at our facility, to sign for shipments from UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service. Once most of the quilts have been received, they are checked in, put in a brand new box specifically designed for shipping quilts (except irregular packages or tubes), labeled for return shipping to you or the place you designated, and then organized by categories. The quilts are then transported to the show (in their box/tube) where they will be placed in their designated area for hanging. At the close of the show, your quilt is placed back into your box/tube and taped so that it is ready to be shipped out. Once the quilts return to our facility, they are shipped usually no later than the Tuesday following the close of the show to their designated destination. Quilts are NOT handled or repackaged after returning to our facility from the show.  Video Answer
Because our home office is in Paducah, all quilts must be processed and checked in at this facility. Yes, you may deliver your quilt(s) to our Paducah office. Please follow the same quilt preparation instructions as if you were mailing your quilt(s).

Quilt Packaging Instructions:
* Be sure your quilt has a label with your name, address, and quilt title on the back.
* Pack the quilt in a plastic bag, inside a sturdy box.
* Identification Card: Write the title of your quilt, your name, address, and phone number on a 3″ x 5″ card and place inside the box with your quilt.
* Address Card: Write your name, return address, and phone number on a 3″ x 5″ card for shipping and place in an envelope. Tape the envelope to the outside of your plastic bag so it is visible when we open the box. Write your quilt number (provided in the guide) on the front of the envelope.
* In large bold print, write your quilt number (provided in the guide) on the top of the outside of the box, near the address.

Our hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. When dropping off your quilt please ask for Andrea or Terry to check in your quilt and deliver it to the correct location. It is also a good idea to send an email to the day you are delivering your quilt so we know to be watching for it.

Our physical address is:
5801 Kentucky Dam Rd
Paducah, KY

2021 Winners Announced

*Winners will be posted here on the above dates.

If you’ll be picking up your quilt after the show, choose that option on the Quilt Shipping Request. Quilt pick up will begin 30 minutes after the show closes on the final day. Bring a photo ID to the main entrance of the show where your quilt is displayed. You will go through a checkout procedure requiring an ID and signature for each quilt. Quilts held for pick-up, but not claimed will be shipped back to the contestant; an invoice of shipping charges will be sent separately. Video Answer
If your quilt is accepted, your notification email will include the specific details for shipping and returning your quilt. You may find general information here.
The appraiser will mail your appraisal approximately 30 days after the show.
You can request a ribbon by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Attn: Andrea Ray-Ribbon
PO Box 3290
Paducah, KY 42002

Please specify the contest entered when requesting a ribbon.

If your quilt was shipped in a tube or unusual sized box (including miniatures) these items will be mailed separately. If your quilt received a ribbon it will also be mailed separately.

If you received the show book in your quilt box but do not see the label or comment card, check inside the show book (where these items are placed) and under the flaps on the bottom of the box where smaller items slide and hide.

Please note: Comment cards are only provided for the Paducah Contest.