BONNIE LANGENFELD  | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor

bonnie-langenfeldAward-winning fiber artist Bonnie Langenfeld uses thread painting and raw-edge appliqué techniques to create realistic fabric pictures. Her subjects are primarily landscapes, but she often includes people and animals among her subjects. She never adds paint or marker to her pieces but carefully chooses tiny parts of commercial fabrics, glues or fuses them together, and adds dozens of colors of machine-stitched threads to create depth, accentuate details, and make her work come to life. Bonnie’s professional history includes numerous art shows, awards, and membership in galleries in Florida and Minnesota. Her proudest accomplishments, and the ones that are the most fun, are teaching her techniques to adults and children. She focuses on the elements of art so that students can use those skills in other pieces. “Everyone will be successful!” is her motto. Please take a look at some of her recent work at

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