JACQUELYN MORRIS-SMITH  | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor

jacquelyn-morris-smithJacquelyn is also known as The Stitchin’ RN. She has been sewing since she was a very young girl and found her true passion in the world of quilting. She learned the hard way: by making lots of mistakes and stitching uneven seams that made wonky and uneven blocks. She forced the blocks together, and still she progressed.

Jacquelyn loves to teach others; after all, since she has made all the mistakes, her students won’t have to. The Stitchin’ RN wants to let her students learn a technique and find their way out of “oops” moments. There is nothing that can’t be fixed, and she likes to see her students having a stress-free, fun-filled time, finishing with a positive experience. An RN by profession, Jacquelyn is now a Certified Sulky Teacher and a Certified Zentangle Teacher. In business along with her daughter, she shares her love of travel as the program director for Quilt Retreats at Sea. Find out more at www.thestitchinrn.com and www.quiltretreatsatsea.com.

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