PAT and ARLAN CHRIST | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor

Arlan and Pat Christ are dedicated to preserving the legacy of quilts from past generations by sharing the history that surrounds the art of quilting. Often working alongside Arlan at his tax accounting business, Pat can often be found in her sewing studio or tending to their country gardens. The Christs enjoy traveling to quilt shows and museums and are active in numerous quilt study groups, taking every opportunity to examine quilts. Retrieving knowledge to secure the heritage of antique quilts has become the prime objective of The Christ Collection.

The Christs have three publications representing quilts in their collection. Pennsylvania Quilt Treasures: The Art of the Needle (2009), America’s Appliquéd Quilts: A Treasured Pennsylvania Tradition (2010), and American Pride: Eagles & Stars (2014). They also published four appliqué patterns representing quilts in their collection including Autumn Cutwork, Pot of Flowers, American Pride, and Holiday Magic. Read more about the Christs and their collections at

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