PHYLLIS CULLEN | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor


Intent on using both her right and left brain, Phyllis pursued parallel careers in medicine and art. The MD part was a lot of work, and practicing medicine (she loved her patients but hated the paperwork) took a lot of time and energy. Although the art lessons were sporadic and somewhat haphazard, she managed to learn to draw, paint, and sculpt, and then discovered fibers and fabrics, which satisfied her visual and tactile cravings. For the last 30 years, Phyllis has happily explored the possibilities of the quilt as art.

In addition to teaching quilting all over the world—from Hawaii to Israel and from northern Wisconsin to Southern Chile—Phyllis has also explored the globe in her travels as a pro bono medical volunteer on over 40 trips to various third-world countries, giving her plenty of fodder for prize-winning art. Phyllis has shown and sold pieces around the world. Check out her designs and learn more at

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