TOBY LISCHKO | Grand Rapids 2017 Instructor

toby-lischkoToby Lischko’s philosophy is “quilting should be fun, not hard.” Toby has been quilting since 1985 and teaching quilting classes/workshops since 1995. She considers herself a traditional quilter who loves working with traditional quilt blocks, but adds her own special flair to the designs. She has won many national awards for her quilts including the 1st Entry in an AQS Contest award sponsored by YLI for CELESTIAL CROWNS in Paducah in 2005. Toby designs patterns and templates under the name of Gateway Quilts & Stuff, Inc. The focus of her business is to inspire others with her love of quilting through teaching. She also does commissioned work for many of the major fabric companies and has been published in most of the national quilt magazines. Her background in special education has helped make her an excellent quilting teacher. See more at

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