Gail Garber

Gail Garber, AQS QuiltWeek InstructorGail Garber’s quilts are characterized by bold geometric designs and colorful Flying Geese galore. Her style is immediately recognizable because of her talent for combining vivid colors with intricate piecework. Gail’s geometric star quilts and pictorial quilts have won awards at shows throughout the U.S. and have been featured in publications around the globe. Gail judges quilt shows and conducts workshops and lectures worldwide while also finding the time to write about her craft. She is the author of three books and more than 100 magazine articles in various publications.

Gail’s classes for novices include instruction in color and composition, introduction to paper piecing, and drafting, drawing, and design. For the experienced quilter, Gail’s classes in design are popular everywhere she travels. She also leads tours for quilters and birdwatchers to exciting, off-the-beaten-path locations. In her other life, Gail is the Executive Director for Hawks Aloft, a New Mexico conservation organization. You’ll find out more about her at