Grace Errea

Grace Errea, AQS QuiltWeek InstructorIn 2005 Grace Errea chose to retire from a very successful career as an executive in a Fortune 500 computer and telecommunications company to devote herself to her art on a full-time basis. A fiber artist, designer, quilter, and author, Grace focuses on the contemporary depiction of inspiring, realistic scenes in a value-based manner. Her focus on value makes it easy for students to create inspiring botanicals, landscape scenes, and portraits in any color. Grace’s quilt construction technique is a unique no-fray raw-edge machine appliqué technique that she calls “Heat-Set.” Grace’s innovative appliqué technique and her focus on value have attracted widespread interest from quilters as well as from national and international galleries, museums, and publications. Her style is informative, humorous, and inspiring, with many real-time, hands-on examples. Her aim is to find and develop the artist within each student. Grace is the author of Impressionist Appliqué: Exploring Value and Design to Create Artistic Quilts (2002). Check out her website at