Gyleen Fitzgerald

Gyleen Fitzgerald, AQS QuiltWeek InstructorGyleen Fitzgerald was born in Philadelphia, PA, but grew up in Taiwan and Japan and now calls Maryland her home. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at Drexel University.

Gyleen’s quilts blend color, pattern, and texture to add a contemporary essence to traditional quiltmaking. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. Her written works include quilt project books and how-to videos, magazine articles, haiku poetry, and children’s books.

An avid quilter, Gyleen has earned Best of Show honors, and as an author/publisher, she is a Gold Medal winner for three of her latest publications. She is best known for Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilts and the creation of the Pineapple Tool by Gyleen. Learn more at