Jane Hauprich

Jane Hauprich is a self-taught longarm quilter who specializes in free-motion custom quilting. Her quilting has won awards at both the local and national levels, and she loves to teach others to custom quilt. Jane teaches both locally and nationally on domestic and longarm machines, helping others to discover the freedom of free-motion quilting. Jane is a Handi Quilter National Educator. Her philosophy is that no matter what type of machine you are using (domestic machine, short-arm, or longarm), anyone can free-motion quilt. Her goal in teaching is to equip each student with as much information and knowledge as possible so that they can be fully prepared and ready to custom quilt their own quilts. Her classes are fun and informative! You can see more of her quilting at stitchbystitchcustomquilting.com.

Jane Hauprich’s Classes