Author, pattern designer, teacher, and award winning quiltmaker Joanie Zeier Poole has been a practitioner of heirloom machine quilting, also known as refined free-motion quilting, on a domestic sewing machine since 2000. She uses innovative appliqué and thread illustrations to create original quilts that express her personal stories. Having recently earned a degree in graphic design, she blends her passion for quilting with 21st century technology to create patterns in a sophisticated and elegant style.

Joanie is the author of four books, Can You Spare a Square, Joanie’s Design Elements, Joanie’s Quilting Elements, and Elegant Machine Quilting, and she is producing a series of how-to DVDs about refined free-motion quilting. She is an instructor. She feels it is a privilege to share her skills and experience in lectures and workshops. With kind encouragement and her knowledgeable teaching style, students feel at ease and in the best frame of mind to learn. Find out more about Joanie and her products at