AQS Let's Quilt: Beginners' Series with Bonnie: Appliqué & Ruching
Bonnie on AQS Let's Quilt Set
AQS Let's Quilt: Beginners' Series with Bonnie – Appliqué & Ruching

The Series

Whether you are a beginning quilter or one who wants to pick up some tips for making a quilt, this AQS Let’s Quilt series is for you. Once you learn the basics, you will be comfortable with making any style of quilt. Bonnie Browning begins with the most popular patterns, plays with color, and shows you how to make a quilt step by step. Downloadable instructions are included with each of the lessons.

Watch online,, Tuesdays at 10am CDT beginning July 6 or catch up on past episodes anytime on the AQS QuiltTV channel on YouTube.



Nine Patch Fabrics
Panasonic Cordless Irons
Tracey's Tables
Harbor Sales – Vivilux

The Class

Appliqué means to join or attach a piece of fabric to a background. In the early days it was used as a way to strengthen worn areas or to patch holes that formed in clothing or other fabric pieces. Today appliqué is a creative way to decorate clothing and quilts. Join Bonnie Browning as she teaches you to embrace the versatility and forgiveness of appliqué as you stitch the stems, leaves, and ruched flowers in the Last Roses of Summer wallhanging. Hand and machine appliqué methods will be covered in this class.


Six Lessons

Lesson 1:
Last Roses of Summer Block – The Pattern and Background

The first step is to prepare the pattern and the background. For this block we will use the No-Mark vinyl placement method.



Lesson 2:
Making the Stems

Just like real flowers, after the ground (our background) is prepared, the first things we see are the stems. Learn several ways to prepare the stems and how to make your hand appliqué stitches disappear.



Lesson 3:
Appliqué by Hand or Machine – The Leaves

Learn how to hand and machine appliqué the leaves with turned edges. Discover the versatility and the forgiveness of appliqué. We can mix hand and machine appliqué or choose one method while making the Last Roses of Summer wallhanging.



Lesson 4:
Ruched Flowers

Nothing adds dimension to appliquéd flowers like ruching. Ruching is a French term which means “to gather, ruffle, or pleat.” Learn how to make ruched roses from a circle of fabric. Bonnie will share how she manipulates the fabric to make the center look like unfurling rose petals.



Lesson 5:
Shark’s Teeth Border

To finish the quilt, we will add borders. Learn Bonnie’s easy method for making a Shark’s Teeth border to add a beautiful finishing touch to this quilt. You won’t believe how easy it is to make this border fit your quilt perfectly.



Lesson 6:
Finishing the Quilt

One final border is needed to finish the quilt. Learn Bonnie’s trick for sizing borders. Whether you make one block or four blocks, you’ll have a beautiful Last Roses of Summer quilt!

AQS Let’s Quilt Sponsor Giveaway



1. BERNINA of America
• Three prizewinners will each receive an accessory case.
2. Nine Patch Fabrics
• Four prizewinners will each receive a variety of Creative Grids rulers, plus a variety of fabric and notions.
3. Panasonic
• Four prizewinners will each receive a Panasonic WL602 cordless iron.
4. Tracey’s Tables
• One prizewinner will receive a Tracey’s Tables 3-drawer cutting table.
5. ViviLux (Harbor Sales)
• One prizewinner will receive a ViviLux LED Task Lamp, ViviLux 3-in-1 Rechargeable GREEN Laser System, ViviLux Super Bright Flexible Craft Light, and ViviLux 3-in-1 Clip On LED Lights.
• Two prizewinners will each receive a ViviLux LED Task Lamp and ViviLux 3-in-1 Clip On LED Lights.
• Three prizewinners will each receive a ViviLux 3-in-1 Rechargeable RED Laser System.
6. YLI Corporation
• Five prizewinners will each receive a prize package containing 1 spool YLI Wonder Invisible Thread, 10 spools YLI Silk #100 Thread – 5 neutrals and 5 colors, and 5 spools YLI Quilt Highlights hand-dyed cotton braid for couching, embellishment, and ruching.