Ebony Love

Fall Paducah 2019

Ebony LoveAward-winning author and quilter Ebony Love is recognized as one of the leading experts in fabric die-cutting techniques, and she regularly produces videos featuring tips and techniques for die-cutting and quilting. Author of The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips and other books about quilting, sewing, and die cutting, Ebony shares her knowledge and advice via online forums and her own website. She picked up longarm quilting to get unburied from all the quilt tops she was finishing so quickly, and ultimately became the longarm columnist for Quilty Magazine. She now serves as a National Educator for Handi Quilter, traveling around the country to spread the love of longarm quilting. In her own quilting, you’ll see Ebony’s fondness for blindingly bright prints, as well as her unabashed use of batiks and solids. She considers herself a traditional quilter who uses modern tools and color palettes to express her artistic voice, and of course, if it can’t be die cut, it isn’t getting made! You can reach her via her website at lovebugstudios.com or her public studio at madecreativestudio.com.

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