Debbie Wendt

Spring Paducah 2019

Debbie has combined her passions for sewing, quilting, and teaching into Wendt Quilting, a business that is truly on the go. Her degree in home economics education and eight years of home ec teaching continue to influence her classes. Debbie’s quilting students love her ability to break down and explain the many aspects of quilting.

Debbie began quilting over 30 years ago and started teaching quilting internationally in 1993 while living in Cairo, Egypt. Debbie now teaches at guilds, shops, and national shows. A unique quilt teaching opportunity even took her to villages in Cambodia. Her article, “Teaching the World to Quilt,” was published in American Quilter magazine. Debbie develops tools, has self-published two longarm project books, and designs many unique quilt patterns. She was a guest on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, demonstrating building and binding a quilt on a longarm machine. Debbie brings tradition to modern designs and fun and confidence to each of her students. There’s more at

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