Esterita Austin

Spring Paducah 2019

Internationally award-winning quiltmaker, designer, and teacher Esterita Austin is known for her portraiture and stone ruins series as well as for her innovative monoprinting techniques. Her work has been published in numerous periodicals and books and has been shown in dozens of shows and exhibitions.

One of her international venues is a yearly workshop held in the hills of Tuscany, Italy. Besides art quilting, painting, and gourmet cooking classes, this retreat also includes tours to Siena and Florence. In her classes, Esterita focuses on the use of value to create depth on the quilt surface by enhancing with textile paints. The use of textural and dimensional imagery has given Esterita’s work a unique style. She brings creative energy to her workshops, stimulating the imagination and invigorating the soul. See her gallery at

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