Workshop Description

Bordings: Borders and Binding in One

Bordings: Borders and Binding in One – #28514

Day: Saturday, 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Location: Heritage Ballroom D
Teacher: Grace Errea
Level: All Levels

Member: $56 Retail: $70
(Plus Kit Fee)

Three-dimensional flanges and perfect bindings add a unique spark and a professional finish to your quilts. A “Bording” is a perfect binding, but it is wider – 1′ wide – so that it doubles as a border as well. In this class, Grace will share how you can create perfect 3-D flanges, and “Bordings” will be covered with step-by-step demonstration and practice. Working on practice pieces will allow you to achieve stunning results with this edge-ing. You will learn how to prepare the quilt for the edge finish, prepare and apply the 3-D flange and a double 3-D flange, prepare and apply the “Bording,” join the tails correctly to finish the “Bording,” and finish with binding techniques for a show-quality quilt.