Workshop Description

Color and Quilting 101

Color and Quilting 101 – #15502

Day: Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Location: Room 203AB
Teacher: Michelle Renee Hiatt
Level: All Levels
Member: $56 Retail: $70
(Plus Kit Fee)

The purpose of this workshop is to arm you with the tools and knowledge to build your own color plans for your blocks, quilts, and other projects. Learn how to make the most of your fabric choices to create the effects you’re looking for. Whether you’re a traditional quilter or modern quilter, you’ll improve your skills and sharpen your eye. This workshop will include an audio-visual component and hands-on fabric play! Michelle will discuss how to identify a fabric’s overall color, shading, and tone, then show you how to read and use the Color Wheel. Explore Analogous, Complementary, Split-Complementary, and Triadic color plans in fabric! Appreciate colors that just naturally look good together! You’ll dive deep into your stash and figure out how to arrange your fabric, analyze your fabric, and augment your stash with wise purchases. By the end of class, you will look at your fabrics in a whole new way.