Workshop Description

Daily Dose of Fiber: Dye Your Own Yarn – #55505

Day: Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Paducah School of Art and Design
Teacher: Cindy Lohbeck
Level: All levels
Member: $48 Retail: $60
(Plus Kit Fee)

Calling all Fiber Junkies! This fun and productive class will teach you just how easy it is to custom-color your own embroidery floss, roving yarn, weaving yarn, and knitting and crochet yarn. The world of plant-based (or “vegan”) fibers is growing substantially because they are highly sustainable and take dye brilliantly and quickly. You will start with cottons and linen, then kick it up a notch to include bamboo, hemp, sea cell (from seaweed), Tencel, banana, pineapple, rose, peppermint, and even milk-protein fibers. This class is perfect for embroiderers and embellishers, weavers, felters, knitters and crocheters, and yarn couchers! Each student will dye three different types of fiber from a large selection of options.