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Free Film Viewing of

Free Film Viewing of “Bob Ross: The Happy Painter” – #BOB

Day: Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Ballroom D
Teacher: Various
Level: All Levels

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You’ve seen him before: he’s the quiet, soft-spoken guy with the fuzzy afro hair, painting mountains and trees with big brushes in a matter of seconds. Bob Ross is public television’s most beloved personality. This docu-story reveals the personal life of Bob Ross through the loving accounts of close friends and family, childhood photographs, and rare archive footage – what you know: his unwaivering dedication to wildlife, for example, and what you don’t know: Bob’s straight hair, his fascination with fast cars, and so much more. You’ll see rare film clips of Bob Ross with mentor William Alexander and the very first rough-cut Joy of Painting episode, and you’ll learn how one little TV commerical to advertise local painting classes slowly turned this gentle-mannered fellow from simple beginnings into a viral phenomenon that continues to allow millions around the world to realize their dreams of becoming an artist. Bob Ross: The Happy Painter is a 60-minute film presented in three parts: “The Man”, “The Television Artist”, and “His Legacy.”