Workshop Description

From Flower Photo to Finished Quilt (Lecture/Demo) – #65505

Day: Friday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Room 4
Teacher: Melinda Bula
Level: Intermediate
Member: $48 Retail: $60


In this lecture/demo class, Melinda will show you how she takes a photograph and turns it into a beautiful flower quilt. The demo includes a PowerPoint presentation and advice on finding the right photo, making a pattern, identifying the perfect colors and values, fusing in layers, and finishing with Renegade Thread Play. You’ll laugh and learn in this in-depth look into Melinda’s process. Learn her secrets for success and follow her step-by-step techniques. You’ll love this humorous and informative afternoon, and you’ll leave with the information to make your own fabulous fused art quilts. Do not miss this look into Melinda Bula’s quiltmaking process!