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Award Winners

2012 AQS Quilt Show & Contest

Lancaster March 14 – 17, 2012

Margarete Heinisch, West Hills, CA


Best of Show Award

#105 MI AMOR, Margarete Heinisch, West Hills, CA

Best Hand Workmanship Award

#309 EUPHORIA, Deborah Kemball, Santiago, Chile

Best Machine Workmanship Award

#236 AMERICA, LET IT SHINE, Sherry Reynolds, Laramie, WY

Best Longarm Workmanship Award

#208 PENNSYLVANIA HEARTS & HANDS, Kelley Cunningham, Stevensville, MD

Best Wall Quilt Award

#401 GREAT BLUE HERONS, Joanne Baeth, Bonanza, OR

Bed Quilts – Hand Quilted

First #109 LITTLE BROWN BIRD, Laree L. Stokes, Meridian, ID

Second #110 COMPASS NO. 6: THE FREEDOM QUILT, Chris Taricani, Burlington, CT

Third #104 TROPICAL BEAUTY, Donna Gilbert, Fayetteville, PA Hon. Mention #112 BIAS POMEGRANATE, Pauline Warren, Sidney, OH


Bed Quilts – Machine Quilted

First #237 BLUE RHAPSODY, Carolyn Rider, Portsmouth, OH

Second #217 A BIT OF A LIME SHAKE UP, Karen Kielmeyer, Bella Vista, AR

Third #231 ASTRAL BURST, Beth Nufer, Brookings, OR

Hon. Mention #238 CROP CIRCLE: WOOLSTONE HILL, AUGUST 13, 2005, Joanne Shapp,

North Pomfret, VT


Wall Quilts – Hand Quilted

First #323 MOTHER’S GARDEN, Barbara Vedder, Ridgewood, NJ

Second #325 MONTICELLO BASKETS, Christine Wickert, Penfield, NY

Third #310 LET’S START!, Ikuyo Kitada, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Hon. Mention #314 THE MUSICIANS, Suzanne Marshall, Clayton, MO


Wall Quilts – Home Machine Quilted

First #446 TEA WITH MISS D, Sandra Leichner, Albany, OR

Second #413 MABEL – 1952 REO, Susan J. Cane, Canaan, CT

Third #447 RED VASE AT MIDNIGHT, Barbara E. Lies, Madison, WI

Hon. Mention #480 QUILTEENIES I: SNAKE PIT, Carol Steuer, Brooklyn, NY


Wall Quilts –Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted

First #511 TREE OF LIFE – WITH BUGS, Jan Hutchison, Sedgwick, KS

Second #512 NOEL, Diane Johnston, Pahrump, NV

Third #513 HARMONY, Barbara Khan, Upper Saddle River, NJ


Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham, ME