Workshop Description

Meet and Greet the Longarm: Learn the Basics of Longarm Quilting

Meet and Greet the Longarm: Learn the Basics of Longarm Quilting – #18101w

Day: Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Room 102AB
Teacher: Lisa Hagstoz Calle
Level: Beginner
Member: $248 Retail: $310
(Plus Kit Fee)

Have you purchased a longarm, known to many as a beautiful, glistening, highly functional, and very expensive machine? And is that magnificent device gradually losing its luster and gathering a small layer of dust because you’re gripped with fear at the idea of pressing the On button? Or is the longarm on your wishlist, but the thought of investing in something so complicated and enormous seems unrealistic? Stop, stop, stop! Lisa has heard it all before, and these thoughts are simply unnecessary. Lisa’s Longarm Meet and Greet allows her to take the uncertainty out of connecting with the amazing longarm machine. She will teach you how to load the top and the importance of square backing. Then, learn some simple allover designs, simple custom designs, and many other important techniques. With her humor and creativity in the classroom, Lisa will close the gap that prevents you from uniting with the longarm. By the conclusion of this class, any skepticism about whether you possess the ability to take command of this machine will be long gone. On the contrary, after this class, one of two things will happen: you and your longarm will become the best of friends, or the longarm will no longer appear on your wishlist and will instead appear in your quilting room.

Each student will work on their own machine; there’s no sharing required.

Registration for this class includes show admission for Wednesday.