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Wait no longer for the complete list of contest winners at AQS QuiltWeek® – Paducah, Kentucky 2014! After the show, photos of the winning quilts and videos of winning quiltmakers will be available.

Winning quilts will be featured in the next issue of American Quilter magazine.

AQS QuiltWeek – Paducah, Kentucky

2014 Contest Winners!

Janome America, Inc. Best of Show Award #3-123 ElaTED Ted Storm, ‘s-Gravenzande, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Janome America, Inc. Best of Show Award
#3-123 ElaTED
Ted Storm,
‘s-Gravenzande, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


BED QUILTS: Hand Quilted sponsored by Superior Threads
1ST      #3-121 PRIMITIVE WEB, Linda Roy, Knoxville, Tennessee
2ND     #3-111 CLASSMATES, Noriko Kido, Azumino, Nagano, Japan
3RD     #3-107 VANDALIA ALBUM, Charli Fulton, Charleston, West Virginia
HM       #3-125 GIFT OF APPRECIATION, Kyoko Yamauchi, Kumamoto, Japan

BED QUILTS: Home Machine Quilted sponsored by AccuQuilt
1ST      #3-210 SNOW FLOWERS, Susan Stewart, Pittsburg, Kansas
2ND     #3-202 DÈBUT, Marcia Baraldi, Campeche Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
3RD     #3-208 BLUE MOON, Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger, Duluth, Minnesota
HM       #3-207 JAPANESE WATER GARDEN, Jamie Kouba, Byron, Minnesota

BED QUILTS: Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted sponsored by Hobbs Bonded Fibers
1ST      #3-308 PORTLAND ROSE, Linda Hrcka and Lisa Bongean, Homer, Michigan
2ND     #3-306 INSANITY, Barb Heetland and Judy Wehrspann, Milford, Iowa
3RD     #3-316 MIDNIGHT AT THE CELTIC GARDEN, Mary Olson, Aumsville, Oregon
HM       #3-312 ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS, Ann McNew, Winfield, Missouri

BED QUILTS: 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest sponsored by Statler Stitcher
1ST      #3-423 PERSEVERANCE, Linda Neal and Jackie Brown, McKinney, Texas
2ND     #3-429 PHEBE, Edith Shanholt, Elkhart, Indiana
3RD     #3-401 MATILDA, Jocelyn Atkinson, Auckland, New Zealand
HM       #3-405 DONE PICK’N, Thelma Childers, Charleston, Illinois

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Hand Quilted sponsored by Fairfield Processing Corporation
1ST      #3-508 FOUR SEASONS FOR KIRARA, Ayako Kawakami, Funabashi City, Chiba, Japan
2ND     #3-516 ROAD TO ROSELAND, Megumi Mizuno, Shiki, Saitama, Japan
3RD     #3-525 SPRING IS WITH US NOW, Yoko Sugisawa, Tokyo, Japan
HM       #3-524 ONCE UPON A TIME, Sieglinde Schoen Smith, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Home Machine Quilted sponsored by Baby Lock USA
1ST      #3-609 MAGNOLIA, Sylvia Gegaregian, Portola Valley, California
2ND     #3-617 LEOPARD PLANTS, Sumiko Minei, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
3RD     #3-612 PROFUSION OF FLOWERS, Nobuko Hirata, Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Tokyo, Japan
HM       #3-606 CHECKS & BALANCES #1, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Paducah, Kentucky

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted sponsored by Nolting® Longarm Quilting Machines
1ST      #3-723 MILLEFIORI, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Normandy Park, Washington
2ND     #3-727 ROSES FOR KATRINA, Gail H. Smith, North Barrington, Illinois
3RD     #3-710 BEDAZZLED, Susan Ford and Sue McCarty, Draper, Utah
HM       #3-717 WROUGHT, Margaret McDonald, Bendigo DC, Victoria, Australia

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Pictorial Quilts sponsored by Elna USA
1ST      #3-814 ALL TOGETHER, Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama, Chofu City, Tokyo, Japan
2ND     #3-810 SAND AND SEA: THE CHILDREN OF THE CANNERIES, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Murrysville, Pennsylvania
3RD     #3-809 SCORE!, Shirley Kelly, Colden, New York
HM       #3-817 FAIRY GARDEN, Cathy Wiggins, Macon, North Carolina

LARGE WALL QUILTS: Modern Quilts sponsored by Gammill Quilting Systems
1ST      #3-904 DOTTING INSIDE THE BOX, Sandi Snow, Lutz, Florida
2ND     #3-902 MODERN ART IN QUILT FORM, Sue Cortese, Holland, Michigan
3RD     #3-906 COLORFUL CHEVRONS, Christa Watson, Las Vegas, Nevada
HM       #3-907 DAWN, Colleen Wise, Puyallup, Washington

GROUP QUILTS: sponsored by Innova
1ST      #3-1011 LEARN AND GROW, Sugar Cube Quilters, Floral City, Florida
2ND     #3-1010 GOOD DOGS, Sew Whatevers, Lawrence, Kansas
3RD     #3-1009 A PIECE OF PUZZLE, Yukie Sato & 11 Friends, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
HM       #3-1006 BLUE SKY IN ALSACE, Shigeko Kobori & 7 Friends, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Hand Quilted sponsored by Panasonic
1ST      #3-1104 ROSE GARDEN, Kumiko Funaki, Saitama, Japan
2ND     #3-1113 FOUR LOONS AND FRIENDS, Patricia Sellinger, Ann Arbor, Michigan
3RD     #3-1106 A SOFT BREEZE, Kayoko Hata, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
HM       #3-1105 PRESENTS, Miyuki Hamaba, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Home Machine Quilted sponsored by Koala Cabinets
1ST      #3-1208 BRADFORD FANTASY #1, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Paducah, Kentucky
2ND     #3-1201 FEATHERS AND FARMS, Joanne Baeth, Bonanza, Oregon
3RD     #3-1234 THE NUNS’ QUILT, Cindy Needham, Chico, California
HM       #3-1247 FUN WITH FEATHERS, Mildred Sorrells, Macomb, Illinois

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted sponsored by Hoffman California Fabrics
1ST      #3-1314 UPPER BODY WORKOUT IMPROVED, Laura Trenbeath, Pavillion, Wyoming
2ND     #3-1302 DELIGHTFUL SPIRALS, Robbi Eklow, Third Lake, Illinois
3RD     #3-1303 BIRD WATCHER’S DELIGHT, Susan Ford and Sue McCarty, Draper, Utah
HM       #3-1301 SUNRISE ON THE MASAI MARA, Betty Cook and Rhonda Coler, Port Angeles, Washington

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Pictorial sponsored by Horn of America
1ST      #3-1417 PANNING FOR GOLD, Lea McComas, Superior, Colorado
2ND     #3-1402 ALL IN THE FAMILY, Nancy Brown, Oakland, California
3RD     #3-1424 CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Pauline Salzman, Treasure Island, Florida
HM       #3-811 SIERRA, Marina Landi, São Paulo, Brazil

SMALL WALL QUILTS: 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest by YLI Corporation
1ST      #3-1525 TUNING FORK #12, Heather Pregger, Fort Worth, Texas
2ND     #3-1532 DREAM HOUSES, Karen Turnbull, Laguna Niguel, California
3RD     #3-1505 ROUSSEAU, Rachel Derstine, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
HM       #3-1523 GILDING THE ARBOR, Bethanne Nemesh, Allentown, Pennsylvania

MINIATURE QUILTS: Miniature sponsored by Juki America, Inc.
1ST      #3-1611 MANDALA, Kumiko Frydl, Houston, Texas
2ND     #3-1616 SEA BREEZE, Pat Kuhns, Lincoln, Nebraska
3RD     #3-1628 THE FLOWER GARDEN, Laura Welklin, Noblesville, Indiana
HM       #3-1607 SILKEN TREASURE 2, Rachelle Denneny, Glenelg North, South Australia, Australia
HM       #3-1625 DISTRACTION II, Susan Stewart, Pittsburg, Kansas

Congratulations to all!

An extra special word of thanks to our Sponsors