Workshop Description



2017 Award Winners

QuiltWeek® – Spring Paducah, Kentucky

Janome America Best of Show
Janet Stone
Overland Park, KS

Judge’s Recognition Award

Viewers’ Choice Award

LARGE QUILTS: Stationary Machine Quilted sponsored by AccuQuilt
1ST   #105 FAMILY REUNION, Barbara Ann McCraw, Denton, TX
2ND #111 WONDERFUL WORLD, Karen K. Stone, Southlake, TX
3RD #102 A TOUCH OF BLUE, Rachelle Denneny, Glenelg North, South Australia, Australia
HM  #107 COLOR ME BLUE, Carolyn Bucklin Mullins, Daniels, WV

LARGE QUILTS: Movable Machine Quilted sponsored by Hobbs Bonded Fibers
1ST   #217 NIGHTHAWK, Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger, Duluth, MN
2ND #225 PHEBE, Christine Sudberry, Tampa, FL
3RD #224 HOMAGE TO SALLIE ANN, Gail H. Smith and Angela McCorkle, North Barrington, IL
HM  #202 THE BIG BANG, Kathie Beltz and Mara Novak, Greenfield, NH

LARGE QUILTS: 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest sponsored by Gammill Quilting Machines
1ST   #309 IMPERIAL STAR, Ben Darby, Huntsville, AL
2ND #336 WIND OF JUNE, Ritsuko Uchida, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan
3RD #326 MONIQUE’S MOSAIC, Rhonda Pearce, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
HM  #334 I LOVE LUCY, Pam Thomas, Jenks, OK

HAND QUILTED QUILTS: sponsored by Rotary Club of Paducah
1ST   #416 FANTASTIC!, Fujiwara Junko, Narashino, Chiba, Japan
2ND #431 HAPPY ROSE, Yoshimi Suzuki, Katushika, Tokyo, Japan
3RD #424 A TIME OF THE MADDER RED, Toyoko Nakajima, Kiryu, Gunma, Japan
HM  #429 WINTER MEMORIES, Chieko Shiraishi, Saitama, Saitama, Japan

WALL QUILTS: Stationary Machine Quilted sponsored by Baby Lock USA
1ST   #509 GROUND COVER, Liz Jones, Leominster, County of Herefordshire, United Kingdom
2ND #510 AMMONITE CELEBRATION, Kimberly Lacy, Colorado Springs, CO
3RD #517 AUNT SADIE’S STARS, Nancy Simmons, Duncannon, PA
HM  #518 BAILANDO EN LA NOCHE, Shelly Stokes, Alexandria, MN

WALL QUILTS: Movable Machine Quilted sponsored by TinLizzie18
1ST   #626 CACHE OF CARATS, Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison, New Lenox, IL
2ND #623 CAPRICHO, Patti Sandage and Elle (Helen) Smith, Middleton, TN
3RD #606 MY BALTIMORE JOURNEY, Darlene Donohue, Hilton Head, SC
HM  #631 PUEBLO RHAPSODY, J. Michelle Watts and Jackie Brown, Roswell, NM

WALL QUILTS: Pictorial Quilts sponsored by Elna USA
1ST   #708 TAGGED, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Murrysville, PA
2ND #713 BY THE CHIMNEY WITH CARE, Karen Turnbull, Laguna Niguel, CA
3RD #710 THE WOMAN Ⅱ, Kyoko Ochiai, Ota, Tokyo, Japan
HM  #704 THE EARLY SPRING OF JIANGNAN, Jin Dong, Qingdao, Shandong, China

WALL QUILTS: Modern Quilts sponsored by Statler by Gammill
1ST   #803 INFUSED PLAID, Cassandra Ireland Beaver, Urbana, OH
2ND #815 THE BIG PICKLE, Vicki Ruebel, Las Vegas, NV
3RD #817 MEETING OF THE GEESE, Sylvia Schaefer, Athens, GA
HM  #821 NEGATIVE SPACE, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, New York, NY

GROUP QUILTS: sponsored by Innova
1ST   #904 RED, WHITE, AND STARS, Austin Area Quilt Guild, Austin, TX
2ND #919 THE MONTEREY WHARF, The Fab 5, Elk Grove, CA
3RD #920 THE ENGLISH GARDEN, Tomoko Takeuchi & 8 Friends, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
HM  #906 COMMON THREADS, Faithful Circle Quilters, Downers Grove, IL

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Hand Quilted sponsored by Horn of America
1ST   #1002 CLOUDBURST, Pam Beal, Mass City, MI
2ND #1006 CARD TRICK, Kayoko Hata, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
3RD #1011 SÉRANDITE, Andrea Stracke, Groß Niendorf, Germany
HM  #1001 CRABAPPLE JELLY, Jenny Bacon, Maryborough, Victoria,

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Stationary Machine Quilted sponsored by Koala Cabinets
1ST   #1121 CELTIC FOX, Kathy McNeil, Tulalip, WA
2ND #1122 THE GOOSE FACTORY, Claudia Clark Myers, Duluth, MN
3RD #1113 AMAZONIA, Rosani Ganc, Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
HM  #1110 GARDEN PARTY #2, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Port Townsend, WA

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Movable Machine Quilted sponsored by Juki America, Inc.
1ST   #1210 SPRINGTIME IN THE GEISHA’S GARDEN, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham, ME
2ND #1214 WICKEDLY GREEN, Deborah Poole, Shelley, ID
3RD #1204 A SILVER LINING, Lisa H. Calle, Pottstown, PA
HM  #1205 TRIBUTE TO ANTONIO BENCIVENNI, Sandra Cannarella, Beaumont, CA

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Pictorial sponsored by Husqvarna Viking/S & R Sewing and Vacuum Center
1ST   #1327 BEST OF THE NORTHWEST, Kathy McNeil, Tulalip, WA
2ND #1314 AUTUMN EVENING, Barbara Oliver Hartman, Flower Mound, TX
3RD #1313 SUMMER SOLSTICE, Leah Gravells, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
HM  #1318 ROMANTIC ROAD ROTHENBURG, Betty W. Kaliszak, Sevierville, TN

SMALL WALL QUILTS: 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest sponsored by ABM International
1ST   #1415 Z IS FOR ZINNIA, C IS FOR COSMOS, Kathie R. Kerler, Portland, OR
2ND #1405 MY LITTLE ENCHANTED COMPASS, Cristina Arcenegui Bono, Alcalá de Guadaíra, Spain
3RD #1420 THE ELEPHANT IN THE QUILT ROOM, Elizabeth Owens, Defuniak Springs, FL
HM  #1416 SOLITAIRE, Lisa Maechtlen, Anchorage, AK

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Quilter’s Choice sponsored by Superior Threads
1ST   #1503 FLOWERED & FEATHERED FRENZY, Susan K. Cleveland, West Concord, MN
2ND #1507 GIRONA PORTAL, Laura Fogg, Ukiah, CA
3RD #1508 TECHNICOLOR DECO, Shirley Gisi, Colorado Springs, CO
HM  #1510 HAPPY DANCE, Sonia Grasvik, Burien, WA

MINIATURE QUILTS: Miniature sponsored by Flynn Quilt Frame Company
1ST   #1606 ROSE MANDALA, Kumiko Frydl, Houston, TX
2ND #1620 MERRY CHRISTMAS, Aki Sakai, Hachiouji, Tokyo, Japan
3RD #1615 WITH A “LITTLER” HELP FROM MY FRIENDS, Carolyn Bucklin Mullins, Daniels, WV
HM  #1604 VANILLA BUTTERCREAM, Rachelle Denneny, Glenelg North, South Australia, Australia
HM  #1623 FEATHERED CANYONS, Laura Welklin, Noblesville, IN